Restoring the soul

As I live in South Africa, I have all around me the benefit of high skies, clear light, wide open spaces and the natural majesty and beauty of the African bushveld.

For me, nothing restores my soul as quickly as being able to follow sandy roads through natural landscapes with vast horizons as far as the eye can see.  This environment allows my focus to expand and my consciousness to spread out in all directions.  It not only gives me an extended physical view but, on a more elevated level, it also encourages a more far-reaching and unlimited sense of my spiritual capacity and potential.

When I can see far and wide and high, I feel as if anything is possible!

To enrich this experience even further, when I’m in a game park, there is also the ever-present excitement and anticipation of what one will see around the next corner or over the next horizon.

This could be the sighting of something as dramatic as a leopard that has just taken its porcupine kill into a nearby thorn tree or something as seemingly mundane as a herd of peacefully grazing zebra or an exquisitely marked tortoise making its steady way across the road.

Joy and peace ahead

It’s all of this that I’ve tried to encapsulate in this painting.  I want this wide, open painting to remind me of the feeling of peace, expectancy and joy I always have when I’m travelling through game parks, as well as how this also encourages me to feel about my life in general.

Maintain hope and enthusiasm

I want to remember to stay focused on what’s ahead of me and around me.  I want to keep looking out for the beautiful, the interesting, the unusual, the thrilling and the seemingly small day-to-day details that enrich my life.  I want to know that there is so much more that’s possible, so much potential and so much space in which to expand and grow.  I want to maintain hope and expectation, anticipation and enthusiasm for what may be just over the next horizon or around the next corner on the road of my life.

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