The many similarities between the process of painting and the process of life can also be helpful in realising that it’s sometimes good to start something with no clear end in mind.  While it’s usually helpful to have some idea of our intentions, aims and what we’d like to achieve, an open-ended approach gives many more opportunities for the unexpected and the unplanned-for to appear.

And it often turns out that the unexpected is exactly what we need – and an improvement on what we set out to do.

Sometimes I start a painting with a vague feeling or a general concept that I’ve been thinking about.  I choose colours that appeal to me and that seem to embody the feeling and concept – and I then try to get out of the way so that I can more easily observe the images and textures that present themselves.

There is a subtle skill in combining the intention for the painting with letting-go and trusting the creative process.

I’m always fascinated by how the combination of a seemingly inexpressible feeling, a blank canvas and tubes of colour combine into something unique and original that translate into form what was in my head and my heart.  The creative process can be magical and enchanting! I’m in love with this painting and how it developed and revealed itself to me because I can see worlds of meaning and depth in it that I couldn’t visualise until it was done.

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